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Spring Timing!

So the just as we all thought Winter was done! here it comes again more snow for easter weekend!! its looking pretty good from the Chalet must be puking up on the hill at Bretaye!

Before i go over whats happening in the future here are a few highlights of the Winter, off the top of my head the best day of the season was a ski/board tour i went on with local gentleman Andrew Prosser, we hiked up to the col de Poe just opposite Chalet Martin 10 minutes drive and a 2 hour walk up some challenging but very possible terrain we ended up here:
Awesome times! anyways another amazing day i was out with Jcorn seasoning the park over in Isenau the resort just behind Villars only one big jump over there but enough to have an amazing day out! not to mention the open fields of untouched powder that always seam to attract no-one at this family style resort!! crazy! IMG_2758
Inspired by the park i set about building a mini park in the back yard of The Chalet a small but lethal jump capable of trying most things off! got some nice shots of myself and Todd ripping on the lawn!IMG_2547IMG_2559
The Jump has gone now but later in the year when the snow starts to fall again i will be prepping for another mini park in the back garden!
great vibes a few beers and a lot of fun!

We have had a quieter winter than usual but we have had some awesome people staying with us all that made it all worth while all of which arrived as guest and left as friends.. i hope to see them all again in the future.. Courtney,Tom, Bence, Devon,David, Tim,Georgey,jack,Ian and so many more too many too list some still here are not yet listed!!.. But THANKS everyone for a wonderful Winter it was a pleasure living with you all!

This Spring i have decided to try a lot harder to get Chalet Martin in the public eye and trying to reach new people who may want to come and enjoy this awesome place! So over the next few months I’m going to be posting a few videos about the environment where we live,the surrounding area,Climbs,crags,walks and general information about the area as currently its hard to find much information about the canton of Vaud and whats on offer here! as there is in fact SO MUCH!! To do this i had to obviously by myself a little toy to help me! check out the first footage!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 16.25.49

See how the snow had all gone! and now out side there is already 3cm and it keeps coming!

Also to meet the demand of climbers,hikers and backpackers coming to stay with us we have bought a 9 seater van so we can start taking people out with us to the crags,thermal pools, longer hikes and maybe even start some magical mystery tours of the area. We can head further a field with our guest exploring more and continuing to enjoy this fantastic read where we live..
Here is The Chalet Martin mobile!!
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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