Summer is an excellent time to get out into the mountains. Once the snow melts away the trails are wonderlands of mountain views and waterfalls. There are many trails you can easily reach from Chalet Martin. Once you arrive at the chalet be sure to ask for recommendations and guidance from Merlin. Until your arrival we will get your excited about visiting our Swiss Alps community with photos from a few of our favourite local trails.

Les Gorges

This trail will take you along a river from the village for Frenieres to Les Plans. You can easily from Gryon via a paved road or a dirt trail or you can drive your car out to Les Plans to begin the trek. If you do drive we would recommend starting your hike in Les Plans as it is easier to access with more parking options.

Trekking from Chalet Martin to Les Plans, then back again will take roughly 4-5 hours. You will have the opportunity to stop at restaurants in Les Plans for lunch or a coffee. The hike will have some steep descents and climbs, but it will be worth it!

Lac des Chavonnes

To find beautiful alpine lakes you’ll want to hike up to Bretaye then venture over to Lac des Chavonnes. Depending upon when you are visiting you can access the mountain village of Bretaye by hiking trails or via the TPC cog train.

Once you are at Bretaye you will have many trail options, including Lac Bretaye which is an easily accessible lake from the cog train. For a bit more adventure follow the signs and trails to Lac des Chavonnes. Hiking from Chalet Martin to Lac des Chavonnes, then back again will take roughly 6 hours. You also have the option of hiking from Villars, which will give you about 4 hours on the trail, or from Bretaye, to spend about 2 hours trekking.


For a less strenuous hike that will still offer up fantastic mountain views head out to Solelax. This mountain village is the starting point for many hikes into the mountains, including Tour de l’Argentine, Anzeide and Les Chaux. There are two restaurants where you can find coffee, snacks or a full meal.

The hike from Chalet Martin to Solelax and back will take about 4 hours with a mix of narrow road and trails. You can also drive out to Solelax via Barboleuse. There are many parking lots near Solelax, but they do fill up during summer weekends (occasionally with a charge of 5CHF).

These treks are just a few of the many you’ll be able to easily access from Chalet Martin on foot, by train or in your car. When you arrive, be sure to ask for more details on directions to these hikes and intel on the current conditions of the trails. We often hike these trails ourselves and would love to help you get out there to explore!


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